NFL power rankings: Ranking all 32 quarterback rooms heading into 2024 season

Let's rank all 32 QB rooms in the NFL ahead of the 2024 season.
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4. 49ers - Brock Purdy, Josh Dobbs

The discourse around San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is quite interesting. Many people think that he's way more of a product of the system, but others think he's truly elite. The truth, like always, is usually somewhere in the middle. Purdy clearly has it easier than most QBs in the NFL with the play-calling and personnel that the 49ers have on offense.

However, Purdy is a baller and might be a top-10 QB in this league. Through 21 starts, the 49ers have gone 17-4, and he's been in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl across his first two seasons in the NFL. Backing him up is likely Josh Dobbs, perhaps the smartest QB in the NFL who came in and played well in a pinch for the Vikings in 2023.

3. Texans - CJ Stroud, Davis Mills

Davis Mills quietly played quite well as a rookie a few years ago, and he could be the primary backup for CJ Stroud, who is already an elite passer. I would personally expect Stroud to take a huge leap in year two, and in fact, one of my many predictions for the 2024 NFL Season is that Stroud not only wins the MVP award, but the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl.

This roster is all of a sudden one of the best in the NFL, and Stroud is just excellent.

After the 2025 NFL Season, CJ Stroud would likely be in line for what could end up being the biggest contract in the history of the NFL, and at that point, QB contracts could be well over $60 million per year, as the NFL salary cap figure continues to make huge leaps nearly every season.

The Houston Texans have a deep and proven QB room that stands as their biggest strength heading into 2024. Can they win the Super Bowl in 2024?