NFL power rankings: Ranking all 32 quarterback rooms heading into 2024 season

Let's rank all 32 QB rooms in the NFL ahead of the 2024 season.
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26. Patriots - Jacoby Brissett, Drake Maye

The New England Patriots had Drake Maye fall into their laps with the third overall pick, which is great for them. They also have a very good backup in Jacoby Brissett, who I could actually see playing out the entirety of the 2024 NFL Season. The Patriots personnel on offense is still quite awful, so I do not think the team would want to rush Maye out there and risk ruining his confidence.

Brissett can take all the beatings behind what could be a league-worst offensive line and league-worst play-making group. The 2025 NFL Season could be a nice progression year for the Patriots if all goes well and if Drake Maye can be who many think he can. He was commonly compared to Justin Herbert in the pre-draft process.

25. Vikings - Sam Darnold, JJ McCarthy

So, Sam Darnold seems to have quite the firm grip on the Minnesota Vikings QB1 job for the 2024 NFL Season, but that might just be OK. JJ McCarthy did recently turn 21 years old, so he does have time on his side, and the Vikings seem to think highly of Darnold.

Is there a scenario where Darnold is named the starter and actually plays quite well? Is that something we should be considering? I do believe it's possible. Now yes, McCarthy developing into a high-end starter is the ideal scenario, but Darnold is still in his mid-20s and could play well in the right scenario.

Throwing to Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison, and being protected by Christian Darrisaw and Brian O'Neill might be the best personnel situation Darnold has been in during his entire football career. I'm just saying; I would not at all count out Darnold in 2024 while JJ McCarthy sits on the bench.

However, the QB room is among the weaker in the NFL until proven otherwise.