NFL power rankings: Ranking each division by their starting QBs for 2024

Let's rank the divisions by starting quarterbacks.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Just how good is each NFL division with their starting quarterback? Let's rank all eight divisions by projected starters for 2024. I would say that we have a pretty good pulse on the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL ahead of the 2024 season. Now yes, there are still some quarterback competitions to be had, but in that regard, a QB competition isn't necessarily a good thing.

It does back to the old saying "if you have two quarterbacks, you have zero..."

Well, let's rank all eight divisions by their starting QBs for 2024.

NFL power rankings: Ranking each division by their starting QBs for 2024
8. NFC East - Jayden Daniels, Daniel Jones, Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts

How does the NFC East not have the worst starting QB situation in the NFL for 2024? This might be a wildly unpopular spot in these rankings for the NFC East, but to be fair, I am much lower on Jalen Hurts than most, and are we sure Dak Prescott is that good?

Dak Prescott is without question the best QB in this division, and while Hurts is fine, I guess, the Washington Commanders and New York Giants have massive questions marks at the position. At the very least, the Commanders did take the rookie QB Daniels in the 2024 NFL Draft, so they have at least embraced that route, but I just cannot tell you what the Giants are doing.

7. NFC South - Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, Bryce Young, Derek Carr

I mean, the division is not necessarily bad at QB, but the ceilings here are quite low. Frankly, all of Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, and Derek Carr are in the same tier. They're in the "irrelevant middle" of QBs in the NFL, as teams can win games with them and because of them, but teams also lose games because of them, and that is a recipe for no long-term success.

The one QB that could change the course of this division is Bryce Young, who is facing a very crucial year two in the NFL. If You can prove that year one was a mess and not his fault, then the Carolina Panthers are in great shape. However, if Bryce Young was also a part of the problem, that's a huge mess that the franchise will have to clean up.