NFL power rankings: These are the 4 most likely breakout teams for 2024

Which four teams are most likely to breakout?
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2. Arizona Cardinals

The four-win 2023 Arizona Cardinals were actually a very good four-win team, if that even makes sense. Their issue isn't their QB play or coaching, but instead it's the lack of roster talent that general manager Monti Ossenfort inherited. The Cardinals have done a nice job at finding appreciable talent these last two seasons with Ossenfort at the helm, so there is reason to believe this team, with an obvious influx of added talent this offseason, can double their win total.

Yes, do not be shocked if the Cardinals take a huge step forward and hover around .500. Part of me also thinks many of you guys have totally counted out Kyler Murray, who is one of the best dual-threat QBs in the NFL. The Cardinals are not yet in a playoff position, and might still be a year away from that, but a noticeable jump in 2024 is something that is going to happen.

1. Atlanta Falcons

It's hard to not pick the Atlanta Falcons, a team that has won seven games in each of the last three seasons. They've also had some shaky QB play those last three years, and while their ceiling is lower with Kirk Cousins, let's not pretend like Cousins is some scrub. He's a very efficient and consistent QB that does have a winning record in his NFL career.

He is coming off of a torn Achilles, which is certainly something to watch out for, but if Cousins returns to 100%, he's going to be supremely efficient in 2024, and will help elevate the Falcons enough to win the NFC South. Again, the ceiling is limited here, but if nothing else, Cousins is going to help this team get to a modest spot for Michael Penix Jr eventually taking over.

At least, you'd think that is the route they hope to go. The Falcons will be efficient on both sides of the ball, as Raheem Morris comes from an amazing coaching background in the Shanahan/McVay realm, so this team will be polished, disciplined, and rock-solid in 2024.