NFL Power Rankings: Top 5 Franchises heading into Week 5

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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NFL Week 5 Power Ranking #2: Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Sirianni is the right coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans in the city accept his coaching style. He's risky, competitive, and passionate about his team. His players welcome his philosophies. It encourages them to fight hard for one another. A bond between brothers will help the birds take care of business. Their sights are set on returning to the Super Bowl at the end of the season. It's a realistic goal for a high-caliber unit.

Significant changes to the roster are helping the Eagles win football games. D'Andre Swift is becoming a vital part of Brian Johnson's new offense. The fourth-year back ranks fourth in yards per carry (6.2) and second in rushing yards (364). His contributions keep the defense on their toes against a diverse offense. In 2023, the Eagles rank sixth in offense (76.8) and eleventh in pass ratings (73.7). Jalen Hurts is the glue in Johnson's scheme. He ranks 12th in passing yards (959) and ninth in big-time throw percentage (5.8).

The next stretch of games will decide how deep Philadelphia will travel this post-season. The Miami Dolphins, Kansas Chiefs, and Buffalo Bills are next on the schedule. These match-ups will gauge how well the Eagles can perform. These franchises also look playoff-bound and will play hard against the league's elite.

NFL Week 5 Power Ranking #1: San Francisco 49ers

Stout defensive performances and leadership from a developing quarterback sound like an unlikely combination. It's been Kyle Shanahan's winning formula since Week 13 of the 2022 season. Trust in Brock Purdy helped San Francisco clinch the playoffs last year. He led his team to the Conference Championship but lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Purdy's experience made him hungrier for success. It also sharpened his quarterback skills.

San Francisco's quarterback can make mistakes and still win games. No.13 has playmakers on offense that can score at will. Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, and George Kittle are an elite group of weapons. The 49ers rank second in offense (81.2) and first in receiving ratings.

Steve Wilks' defense is also a stingy group. They do not allow points on the scoreboard. This season, his unit ranks first in defense (88.4) and pass rush (90.6). It allowed Shanahan's offense time to develop chemistry in a short amount of time. An impressive combination of offense and defense makes San Francisco the team to beat. The season is not over, but they are the leading Super Bowl favorites.


NFL action will continue this weekend. Results could change how we rank the powerhouses of the league. We expect these franchises to continue their success in the upcoming weeks. Still, there are no guarantees, but they've played well thus far.

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