NFL Thanksgiving 2023: 1 thing each team should be thankful for

What is one thing that EACH team should be thankful for this year?
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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Dallas Cowboys - Dan Quinn

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn has seemingly had multiple opportunities to leave Dallas for another head coaching job, but he's decided to remain with the Cowboys. I do think he's hoping to a degree that he gets a shot at the Cowboys HC job if Mike McCarthy ever gets the boot. Regardless, Quinn is arguably the best assistant coach in the NFL and has fielded a top-five defense for years now in Dallas.

Denver Broncos - Sean Payton

For years, the Denver Broncos cycled through head coaches that simply were not good enough. And after a 1-5 start to the 2023 NFL Season, it seemed like Sean Payton wasn't having the impact on the team that the organization had hoped for. Well, after four wins a in a row, the Broncos are clearly responding in a big way to Payton's rugged coaching style, and it seems like Denver has this position settled for years to come.

Detroit Lions - Dan Campbell

I'll be the first to admit that I did not think Dan Campbell was going to work out for the Detroit Lions. He seemed like someone who was all talk and had a tendency for the theatrics. Well, now in his third year at the helm, the Lions sit at 8-2 and have a realistic shot to earn the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs, something that we never thought we'd ever hear. Campbell should be the favorite to win Coach of the Year.

Green Bay Packers - A young roster

The Green Bay Packers' roster is young, especially on offense, and right now, they're 4-6 and still hanging around in the playoff picture. With the correct coaching and development, the Packers could end up being a long-term fixture once again in the NFL if this new wave of players end up developing. The verdict is still out on Jordan Love, though.