Not even Taylor Swift can help Kansas City Chiefs as team loses in Week 13

Taylor Swift's presence can't help the Kansas City Chiefs get the win in Week 13
Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

With Taylor Swift in attendance, the Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Green Bay Packers in Week 13 on Sunday Night Football. And all of a sudden, the Chiefs are falling down further in the AFC race for the #1 seed. Right now, the Chiefs hold the fourth seed in the AFC, which is the lowest seed for division leaders.

It's not looking great for KC, as some of the same issues that have plagued them all season are continuing to hurt them late in the year. Right now, I don't think a single team is scared of the Chiefs, as their offense just isn't nearly as explosive as it once was. The team did win the Super Bowl last year without Tyreek Hill, but in year two without Hill and what appears to be a physically regressing Travis Kelce, the offense is just meh.

The so-called elite, high-flying Chiefs' offense managed just 19 points in Week 13 versus the Green Bay Packers, and megastar Taylor Swift was in attendance watching her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Swift surely expected a different ending, and perhaps even she is learning about just how iffy the Chiefs' pass catchers are.

Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

in the loss, Patrick Mahomes threw for 210 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He was outplayed by Jordan Love of all people, who threw for 267 yards and three touchdowns. The Chiefs had six points at halftime and only 12 points entering the fourth quarter. Offensively, the Chiefs were outgained by the Packers and just barely lost the time of possession battle. They also lost the turnover battle as well, which is crucial in games.

The Kansas City Chiefs simply do not feel like the Chiefs of old, and I think many of us keep thinking that the elite duo of Mahomes and Andy Reid are going to figure something out. Well, they haven't. The Chiefs are 8-4 and are scoring just 22.9 points per game, which isn't like them. They should be thankful that the defense is as good as it is.

And right now, they feel like the third-best team in the AFC, at best. I'd firmly put them behind the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. And if the Jacksonville Jaguars lose in Week 13, the Chiefs would still stay in the fourth seed in the AFC.

I wonder how Taylor Swift is feeling. I wonder if she can suit up and play wide receiver for the Chiefs? They clearly need the help.