One New Year's Resolution for each NFL team in 2024

Here's one New Year's Resolution for each NFL team!

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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NFC North

Detroit Lions - Just keep it up!

The Detroit Lions just need to keep this operation up. Whatever Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes are doing needs to keep happening in 2024. The Lions are on an upward trajectory.

Minnesota Vikings - Put a plan in place at QB

I think Kirk Cousins is a fine QB, but at some point, the Vikings need to move on from Cousins at some point. He is a free agent in 2024, and I'm sure the Vikings would love to have him back, but he'll be entering his age-36 season in 2024.

Green Bay Packers - Get right on defense

The Green Bay Packers offense is young and encouraging, but the defense is littered with talent and continually underperforms. This is a huge problem and something that the team should strive to fix in 2024.

Chicago Bears - Put the finishing touches on the roster

The Chicago Bears are turning into a sneaky-good team, so much so that head coach Matt Eberlus is set to return as the team's HC in 2024. The defense has been very good as of late, and the offense is showing some promise. Whether they stick with Justin Fields or move on from him, this should be the offseason where the Bears push this roster over the edge.