Outrageous fact about the 2025 NFL Draft you may not believe

When is the last time this happened?
2025 NFL Draft
2025 NFL Draft / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The 2025 NFL Draft is nearly a year away at this point, but for the time being, it's going to be one of the most unique first rounds anyone has ever experienced. At least, 2025 NFL mock draft season is going to be a unique experience until some NFL team decides to make some type of blockbuster deal before or during the 2024 NFL season.

That's because, for the time being, no first-round picks in the 2025 NFL Draft have changed hands. Nobody has traded away their first-round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft at this point, nobody has had a first-round pick taken away by the league for any reason (yet), and therefore, all 32 NFL teams are currently slated to pick in the first round of the 2025 NFL Draft.

It's hard to remember when that was the case in any recent years. You almost always have some team that has to pay their dues from a trade made during the most recent NFL Draft or some team that has traded a future first-round pick for a star player, but that is currently not the case when you look at the 2025 NFL Draft.

2025 NFL Draft could be unprecedented

As wild as it may sound, since the Houston Texans came into the league in 2002, there has never been an NFL Draft in which all 32 teams used their 1st-round selections. Even if you go back to the era of the NFL in which there were "only" 31 teams, there's not an NFL Draft class from 1993-2001 in which every team used its first-round pick.

It's not something you really ever think about, but the fact that we've made it this far feels like a unique accomplishment in and of itself.

The 2025 NFL Draft will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and although no first-round selections have been traded at this point, there have already been three deals involving 2025 second-round picks changing hands and four deals involving third-round picks.

Even if we get to the 2025 NFL Draft with every team still owning its first-round selection, it's almost a certainty that we won't see all 32 teams pick in the first round. Not just because it's never happened before, but because teams are always looking to maximize the value of their selections and teams are always looking to jump back into the first round to pick players they are specifically targeting.

But for now, when you look through any 2025 NFL mock draft scenarios (that don't project trades), you will see all 32 teams represented. And that is a crazy rarity, even this far out.