Panthers veteran wide receiver puts team on blast for the NFL world to hear

Is he right?
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Carolina Panthers recently unveiled a proposal for some huge renovations to improve their home stadium, Bank of America Stadium. It would be a massive upgrade, and I think this is an aspect of being an NFL fan that does sometimes get overlooked, as stadium upgrades are meant to benefit the fans.

Here's a blurb from the Panthers website about the proposed upgrades:

"For nearly 30 years, Bank of America Stadium has been a place where Panthers fans, and more recently Charlotte FC fans and music lovers, have gathered to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Now, this decades-old venue needs to evolve to meet the needs for the future.

Tepper Sports & Entertainment and the City of Charlotte have proposed a partnership for a long-term agreement that would update Bank of America Stadium, keeping this important community asset in its prime Uptown location. This renovation will enhance the fan and player experience, modernize infrastructure, and continue to deliver world-class sports and entertainment to Charlotte and the region for years to come, all while driving billions in economic impact for the city."

One of their veteran wide receivers who has been around the block did chime in quite boldly on how he thinks the Carolina Panthers facilities are, and called them the worst in the NFL. Here's what Adam Thielen had to say about the Carolina Panthers and their facilities:

"Carolina Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen says his team has the "worst facilities in the NFL" ahead of a planned $800 million overhaul of Bank of America Stadium.

"I think they're behind a little bit as far as facilities," Thielen told reporters on a Monday Zoom call, per Alex Zietlow of the Charlotte Observer. "We probably have the worst facilities in the NFL right now, and I don't think there is anybody who would argue that. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. You gotta go play football, and you gotta go win games."

Julia Stumbaugh - Bleacher Report

So yeah, this is where we're at. Not only are the Panthers facilities apparently garbage, according to Thielen, but the Panthers themselves were quite bad in 2023, winning just two games. They cleaned house and hired a new GM in Dan Morgan and a new head coach in Dave Canales. Morgan quickly got to work and did bring in a ton of new faces, so on paper, the Carolina Panthers roster is a lot better than where it was in 2023.

However, until they start winning games, frankly, the upgraded facilities, if it gets approved, would not make a difference at all.