Predicting the fate of the NFL's most unhappy receivers heading into 2024 season

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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There are several wide receivers across the NFL who seem to be quite unhappy with their current situations. Let's predict what we think happens to them! Man, the next few weeks and months could be insanely entertaining, especially pertaining to the wide receiver position.

There are so many stud wide receivers in the NFL. Many of them have gotten paid this offseason, but many have not gotten paid and are openly expressing their displeasure with the situation by holding out from their respective team's activities.

Honestly, any possible could happen to these players until they don't. Let's try to predict what happens with the most prominent wide receivers across the NFL.

Predicting the fate of the NFL's most unhappy receivers heading into 2024 season

Courtland Sutton - Broncos and Sutton agree to a two-year contract extension

Apparently, Courtland Sutton isn't even asking for a ton of money on a new extension:

"Courtland Sutton wants a new contract, but he reportedly isn't looking to break the bank. The Denver Broncos' veteran receiver is hoping for a raise that would pay him between $15-16 million per season, according to ESPN (via Sports Illustrated). "

Bryan DeArdo

His initial contract extension in Denver was a four-year, $60.8 million deal, which comes out to $15.2 million per season. He's essentially asking for the same contract, so it's worth wondering why the Denver Broncos have not gotten this done yet. They do have a plethora of other viable wide receivers in the room including Marvin Mims Jr, Tim Patrick, Josh Reynolds, and Troy Franklin.

I do believe Denver could survive without Sutton, but if these demands are accurate, the Denver Broncos should make it happen.