Russell Wilson top 3 teams to avoid in 2024 NFL Free Agency

Where will Russell Wilson avoid in free agency?

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson are moving on from each other. Two years after the blockbuster trade went down between the Broncos and Seahawks, Denver has decided it would rather pursue other options in 2024. But what does this mean for Russell Wilson?

Wilson is one of the best starting quarterbacks of the last decade-plus in the NFL. He has a better winning percentage in his first 10 NFL seasons than any other quarterback in history. But at this stage of his career, what teams are going to be lining up to sign Russ?

Offset language in his contract could lead to a very team-friendly contract at his next destination, which could open up his options, but Wilson also might only be interested in going somewhere that will guarantee him a starting spot. Let's take a look at three teams that could make sense for him in 2024, but situations that he should avoid.

1. Washington Commanders

I don't think there's any good that could come from a veteran like Wilson signing on with a team like the Washington Commanders. This fit and situation could make some sense given Wilson's history with head coach Dan Quinn, as well as some familiarity from new Commanders OC Kliff Kingsbury, who coached against Wilson twice a year with the Cardinals for a few seasons.

I just don't like this situation for Russ whatsoever. The Commanders were obviously one of the worst teams in the league last year, and even if they are able to make some roster upgrades this offseason, this is a situation where Russ would almost instantly be replaced by a rookie QB (in all likelihood).

I don't think the Commanders would view Russell Wilson as anything but a "bridge" and with Russ wanting to win two more Super Bowls in the next five years, this isn't the spot.