San Francisco 49ers create a second round frenzy for many teams in NFL Draft

A green light has been lit for many teams to go after one of their wide receivers
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Tonight the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft will commence. But, there could be some excitement right away to kick things off. At the end of the first round, the San Francisco 49ers selected Ricky Pearsall, a wide receiver from the University of Florida. Naturally, this is a head-scratching move as the 49ers not only need help elsewhere, but they also have Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, two very talented wide receivers. Aiyuk has been putting cryptic messages online hinting that he would like an extension or be traded. Samuel could also be a trade factor if the right offer is there.

With the selection of Pearsall, this could mean the 49ers are looking to trade one of their dynamic receivers for a big return. Many teams could be offering their second-round picks tonight for one of the receivers, it's just a matter of which teams are most likley to do it. So who exactly could land either Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel?

Buffalo Bills

Other than the Atlanta Falcons, the biggest loser of round one title belongs to the Buffalo Bills. Not only did they help Kansas City land a top-tier receiver, they also helped Carolina get a receiver as well. The Buffalo Bills have one of the worst wide receiver corps in the league and easily could have used either Xavier Worthy or Xavier Legette.

Both Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel would be great fits in Buffalo. With Buffalo trading down twice, they now hold both the 33rd overall pick and 60th overall picks. Buffalo easily could depart with both picks to land either receiver. Josh Allen needs a number one target and Buffalo would be foolish not to make a trade like this.

New England Patriots

Picking 34th overall the New England Patriots need to outbid their division rival to land a number one receiver they desperately need. In round one they took Drake Maye, the talented quarterback from North Carolina. It's now time to build around their franchise quarterback. Giving Maye a receiver like either Aiyuk or Samuel will instantly elevate Maye's game.

New England would have to give up the 34th overall pick and possibly their first round pick in next year's draft as well. But, both players are worth that investment, considering the New England wide receivers haven't seen a number one receiver since the retirement of Julian Edelman.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers made a good but head-scratching selection in the first round. They took Joe Alt the massive offensive tackle from Notre Dame. It's a good pick because the Chargers do need to improve their offensive line. It's head-scratching because the Chargers need a wide receiver in general after trading away Keenan Allen and losing Mike Williams in free agency to the New York Jets.

This is a no-brainer trade scenario for the Chargers. With Quentin Johnston and Josh Palmer being the best receivers on the team, they really need someone who can make big plays. Currently, the Chargers hold the 37th overall pick, so just like New England possibly a first round pick would be needed to make the trade, but this is a highly necessary trade for the Chargers to improve their offense and keep Justin Herbert happy.

Indianapolis Colts

Lastly, there's the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, the Colts have Michael Pittman Jr. Also yes, they have Alec Pierce and Josh Downs. But, they lack having a dynamic duo at wide receiver which Anthony Richardson, who's returning from injury could benefit from majorly.

The Colts already have a good offense. A trade like this makes their offense one of the best in the league. Indianapolis needs to challenge both Jacksonville and Houston in the AFC South as well. What it will take for Indianapolis to land Aiyuk or Samuel will definitely be their second-round pick which is the 46th overall, and also a first next year or possibly a second next year. Regardless, the Colts would send shockwaves by doing this trade.