Sean Payton's comments on Bo Nix could be a warning to the rest of the AFC in 2024

It's not even been a month since Bo Nix got drafted by the Denver Broncos, but his head coach already seems pleased.
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Denver Broncos rookie QB Bo Nix was the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. His head coach, Sean Payton, seems to already be pleased with the passer. Bo Nix not having elite arm strength or being an elite athlete doesn't mean he wasn't a very good NFL prospect. And for what the Denver Broncos like to do on offense, Nix seems to fit quite well.

For all that bashed the selection, time will only tell if they're right, but you have to wonder why the Broncos had Nix as the third-rated QB on their own board. Maybe, just maybe, the professional football coaches and front office personnel know what they are doing. During rookie minicamp, Sean Payton was quite complimentary of his rookie QB:

""Location of throws. He had two or three down-the-field throws today," Payton said when asked to explain how Nix had a good practice. "It's almost like watching a good golfer. Sometimes when you watch his game over two years, there's a patience to how he plays. The ball comes out and -- I don't want to use the term boring, that's not the right term -- but pretty good decisions with each play. The efficiency with how he's operating. All of that.""

Sean Payton

Maybe Sean Payton is just being nice, but he comes from the old-school coaching tree of Bill Parcells, so it's way more likely that Payton simply tells it like it is. With 61 career college starts, perhaps Bo Nix is already acclimating to an NFL offense. For the Broncos, it's a much-needed path after moving on from Russell Wilson.

They simply had to bring in a rookie QB, and Bo Nix has all the chances in the world to be the answer. Head coach Sean Payton was able to field a competitive team in 2023 with bottom-seven QB play, so what could that mean if QB Bo Nix turns out to be a future elite passer?