Struggling AFC team is going to make major changes in 2024 offseason

Watch out for this AFC team to make major changes in 2024.
Los Angeles Chargers v Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Chargers v Green Bay Packers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Chargers are going to undergo a bit of a rebuild this coming offseason, and it'll be kicked off by some major roster changes. When the team fired both Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco a few weeks ago, it became clear that this team was going to make some major changes. It just did not work with Staley as the head coach.

The team constantly underperformed with the talent that he had to work with. And the long-time GM in Telesco was also shown the door, something that was very overdue. Now, LA will have a ton of work on their hands, as they'll have to rework the roster into being a contender and will also have to make a ton of decisions about their current players.

Four of the biggest decisions they'll make will be the futures of Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, Keenan Allen, and Mike Williams. These four players are all at least 28 years old and are either old, oft-injured, or both. For a rebuilding process coming in LA, it's not likely that the Chargers would hang onto any of these players in 2024.

I guess they could restructure one or more of these contracts, but why? Restructuring just kicks the can down the road, and you can't at all envision any of them being on the team beyond 2024. Their cap hits in 2024 are also massive.

Bosa's cap hit is over $36 million. Mack's cap hit is over $38 million. Allen's cap hit is over $34 million. Williams' cap hit is over $32 million. I mean, this feels like it's unheard of for an NFL team to have this many players with cap hits over $30 million. Now, I truly don't believe that the Chargers would be able to trade any of these players unless the acquiring team would already have a restructure in mind.

And the team's cap savings from cutting each player are massive. If the Chargers were to cut all of Bosa, Mack, Allen, and Williams, the Chargers' potential cap savings on each contract would be $22 million, $23.25 million, $23.1 million, and $20 million. With savings approaching $90 million from cutting each player, it makes sense to embrace this mentality.

I'm sure the Chargers would like to have each player back to an extent and would surely prefer trading the player instead of cutting them, but the team has to face the facts here. The odds that they get draft capital back on their current contracts is unlikely, so they should be prepared to rebuild the roster in 2024.