Taylor Swift takes a hilarious shot at NFL fans upset with her

Some NFL fans don't like the attention Taylor Swift is getting, and her response to it is hilarious
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The saga between Taylor Swift and the NFL continues and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The NFL has undoubtedly embraced Swift as a fan, and rightfully so. She's arguably the most popular person in the entire world right now, and previously wasn't giving any attention to the NFL. As a matter of fact, Taylor Swift has turned down the chance to do the Super Bowl halftime show.

Although she didn't turn down the Super Bowl halftime show to spite the NFL or its fans (Swift is currently at "halftime" of the Eras Tour, which will resume on February 7, 2024), there seems to be a lot of football fans out there who absolutely cannot stand the fact that Swift has now been getting so much attention as a fan of the game.

And Taylor Swift doesn't care one bit. As a matter of fact, she had a pretty hilarious quip for those who take issue with the attention she's been getting.

The "Dads, Brads, and Chads" piece is phenomenal. It will almost undoubtedly become utilized by millions of fantasy football players next year as their team's official name.

You can't argue T-Swift has a way with words...

What does the "Dads, Brads, and Chads" comment mean? Well, it's sort of a version of a "Karen", a person who is a sterotypical alpha male who cares a little too much about his popularity. Basically just an exaggerated form of an alpha male, and that's what Taylor Swift is taking a shot at. It's brilliant, because these same people seem to have no issues taking shots at her and the way she's going about her personal business.

It's been hilarious to see the merging of two massive worlds between the "Swifties" and the general NFL fandom population. It's possible that you couldn't merge two more substantially different types of people, but suddenly, Taylor Swift fans have taken an interest in the NFL, or at least whatever game the Kansas City Chiefs are playing. They've taken an interest in Travis Kelce and his success, and quite frankly, it's been good for the NFL.


They're going to ride this wave as long as it might last. And because Swift doesn't go back on tour until February 7 of 2024, it might be all throughout the NFL playoffs.

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