The Dallas Cowboys embarrassing themselves thus far in the 2024 NFL offseason

This is just maddening.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Between not getting better in free agency, not extending Dak Prescott, and likely not extending CeeDee Lamb for a while, the Dallas Cowboys are just embarrassing themselves. How 'bout them Cowboys? The team went into the offseason with a huge chip on their shoulder. Well, I'm not sure you can call it that.

But after Jerry Jones "all in" comments about the 2024 NFL Season, Cowboys fans likely hoped for way more than they've gotten.

"Editor's note: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters on Tuesday that he expects to go "all-in" for the 2024 season. He added: "I would say that you will see us this coming year not building for the future. That's the best way I know how to say it. That ought to answer a lot of questions.""

Jerry Jones via Davis Helman, Fox Sports

The team has not gone all in, in fact, they watched as their future Hall of Fame left tackle signed with the New York Jets. They also have not extended Dak Prescott, which is something that many of us thought was going to happen, and have signed virtually no one else of note. Well, a new report about their stud wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb, just makes things a lot worse for Dallas:

""The Dallas Cowboys may not see CeeDee Lamb again until he gets his [contract extension]. And again this is something the Cowboys have been prepared for, planned for, they know they have to pay him, they want to pay him. But the two sides right now are not close to getting a long-term deal done and while they're not CeeDee Lamb will stay away.""

Adam Schefter

So, their two best players on offense are now both on shaky ground, and it's really all the Dallas Cowboys fault. It's truly been an offseason to forget, and we've see players holdout into the regular season before. Lamb deserves a top of the market contract extension from Dallas, but they're apparently fair away on the numbers.

Man, there's really nothing positive to take from this offseason for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones and his front office folks have truly dropped the ball and the team is in a significantly worse spot now than they were when the offseason began.