These 3 NFL teams still need to make a free agency signing before 2024 season

There are still moves to be made!
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The bulk of the NFL free agency period is over, but a few teams still have some clear needs and moves to make before the season begins. There are still some notable free agents left on the market, and in the coming weeks and months, more may fly off the board.

Every team could justify making at least one more move to try and improve their roster, but among all of the possible moves, these three teams might have the most urgent remaining needs.

These 3 NFL teams still need to make a free agency signing before 2024 season
New England Patriots - Bring in some iOL help

With the recent news that Cole Strange could miss extended time in the 2024 NFL Season, the New England Patriots should look to what remains of the free agency market for some guard help. The Patriots offensive line has quickly turned into a disaster of a group, so de-facto GM Eliot Wolf should dip into the market.

And that should be the case no matter if Jacoby Brissett or Drake Maye begins the season as the starter. The OL Is simply not nearly good enough and is in need of reinforcements.

Chicago Bears - Bring in a veteran QB

The Chicago Bears do not have a viable backup QB on the roster, and Ryan Tannehill, the best remaining free agent quarterback, makes sense. The Bears potentially swinging and missing on Caleb Williams would set them back even more than they are after missing on Justin Fields. Tannehill would be the perfect backup QB for Williams.

He's got a ton of NFL experience and has recently been a backup before. I would assume that Tannehill surely understands where he is in his NFL career, perhaps knowing that he isn't a starter anymore. But as a high-end backup and mentor for Caleb Williams, the fit makes a ton of sense.

Minnesota Vikings - Bring in a WR

With some uncertainty surrounding superstar wide receiver Justin Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings should look to bring in a wide receiver. It might sound flat-out insane to suggest the team could trade Jefferson, but with each passing day that no contract extension is agreed to, you'd have to assume a trade is more and more likely.

And with the Vikings using a first-round pick on Jordan Addison in the 2023 NFL Draft, you have to wonder if the organization had already begun to prepare for life without Jefferson.