These 3 quarterbacks will disappoint on their new teams in the 2024 NFL Season

These quarterbacks are set to disappoint on their new teams in 2024.
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

There was a good bit of quarterback movement this offseason. Let's look at three quarterbacks who will certainly disappoint on their new teams for 2024. The biggest QB movement of the 2024 NFL Offseason included Kirk Cousins signing a $180 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons.

Many other, smaller QB moves also happened, and it feels like teams are getting more aggressive in trying to improve their QB spot. It's a good idea to be aggressive in this pursuit, as teams aren't going to win many game without a franchise quarterback.

Let's dive into three quarterback on new teams who will surely disappoint in 2024.

These 3 quarterbacks will disappoint on their new teams in the 2024 NFL Season
Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers

Let's not pretend that Russell Wilson played well in 2023. The issue here is that people are box score watching with Wilson. You see that he threw 26 touchdowns, eight interceptions, and had a 98 passer rating and think that he was quite efficient.

Well, he was not. The Denver Broncos offense was one-dimensional, as Wilson was simply not capable of playing on time and could not hit the middle of the field. Most of what he was able to produce was either a dump-off to a running back or a deep ball to Courtland Sutton.

Nearly half of his TD passes went to Sutton. The Broncos did sport a quality offensive line, excellent play-caller, and adequate weapons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers would have a hard time convincing us that they have any of those three things. While the marriage between Wilson and Pittsburgh just feels right, that doesn't mean squad. There will surely be some good moments, but let's not expect anything special.

Gardner Minshew, Las Vegas Raiders

Gardner Minshew spent the 2023 NFL Season with the Indianapolis Colts, and didn't play too well. Yes, the Colts went 7-6 in his starts, but he was simply serviceable and nothing more. However, the Colts did have quite the situation on offense, including a very good offensive line and an excellent play-caller

His new team, the Las Vegas Raiders, has neither of those things, so while Minshew has only proven to be a high-end backup option, he won't even play like that in the 2024 NFL Season. Heck, he may not even win the starting job, which is just not great. Furthermore, it's hard to figure out what the Raiders plan was at QB.

They seemed to be eyeing one of Michael Penix Jr or Jayden Daniels in the 2024 NFL Draft, but neither player ended up being an option.

Drew Lock, New York Giants

Drew Lock is a fine backup QB. He's got some spark to his game, as he's not afraid to push the ball down the field and clearly not afraid to throw an interception or two. He may be the best quarterback on the New York Giants roster, but that doesn't really mean much, as Daniel Jones is horrid, and it's really a coin-flip for this starting job.

Yes, Jones is much more highly paid, but I don't believe the Giants care about that. They'll likely start the better performer, and it could be Lock. However, Lock will be playing behind a poor offensive line and may not have a true WR1 to utilize in the passing game. It's shaping up to be a brutal year for the Giants, whose GM, Joe Schoen, is clearly in over his head.

Neither Drew Lock nor Daniel Jones are going to play well in 2024.