These 3 teams have the best long-term outlook in the NFL

Which teams have the best long-term outlook in the NFL?
Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros
Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros / Tim Warner/GettyImages

There are a few teams that stand out as having the best overall long-term outlook in the NFL. Which three teams would they be? It's truly a hard task to sustain long-term success in this league. Above all else, teams must have the quarterback position solidified. Without one, teams won't win consistently.

Beyond the QB, teams also must have stability at head coach, a viable pass rush, and competent left tackle play. There are a few teams in the NFL right now that easily have the best long-term outlook. Are they as obvious as we think?

These 3 teams have the best long-term outlook in the NFL
1. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes.

Yeah, so there it is. Patrick Mahomes is the best football player on the planet and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As long as Mahomes is a viable quarterback, the Kansas City Chiefs will be a scary team. Even at 70%, he's better trhan 25 other quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Chiefs are also well-run from the front office with GM Brett Veach, as they have drafted consistently well. Overall, this is a well-oiled machine and have the best long-term outlook of any team in the NFL.

2. Houston Texans

All of a sudden, the Houston Texans are sitting pretty. They hit a grand-slam with their rookie class from 2023 which featured QB CJ Stroud and EDGE Will Anderson Jr. They also already had quite the underrated roster before Stroud and Anderson arrived. The Texans went 10-7 with their strong rookie class, which also included first-year head coach DeMeco Ryans.

There isn't a lot to dislike about this team with any part of their roster. And it's hard to envision this team not being wildly successful for the long-term as long as Stroud and Ryans hold their positions down.

3. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes has totally flipped the script with the Detroit Lions. Man, this is the deepest team in the NFL and the best roster in the league. Holmes has extended a few players this offseason and built a team that appeared in the NFC Championship Game in 2023.

The strong drafts from Holmes coupled with a clearly talented coaching staff led by Dan Campbell gives the Lions a great future. They are my pick to appear in the Super Bowl this year, but I do think they fall short to the Houston Texans.