Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl in their team's history?

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There are 12 teams who have never won a Super Bowl. Which teams are they, and can any of them bring the Lombardi Trophy to their cities for the first time? I happen to think one of the 12 teams will indeed win it all this year. Winning the Super Bowl is the hardest championship in sports to win, so winning just one is impressive, but teams that have won two in a row, three of four, or some other crazy number are just out of this world.

In today's NFL, teams must have an elite QB to win the Super Bowl, and there isn't any shortcut there to take. Without the elite QB and the ability to get to the QB, no team will win or sustain success. Which 12 teams have not won the Super Bowl?

Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl in their team's history?
Minnesota Vikings

Moving on from Kirk Cousins this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings are rebuilding their QB room with free agent signing Sam Darnold and 2024 NFL Draft pick JJ McCarthy. The Vikings should remain around .500 in 2024, seeing as their coaching staff certainly knows how to win games.

However, the Vikings are not thinking Super Bowl this year by any means, but if McCarthy shows enough as a rookie, they could have a window open starting in 2025.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Non-existent

Buffalo Bills

In a re-tooling year, the Buffalo Bills may not even win the AFC East this year. Josh Allen no longer has an elite wide receiver on the roster, so a regression by Allen and the offense is in play. I also do wonder if the defense can maintain their usual top level of play.

The Bills should still make the playoffs, but they're clearly not as good as they have been in previous years.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Not happening this time

Cincinnati Bengals

Just three short years ago, the Cincinnati Bengals appeared in the Super Bowl, so we all know they can get there. With Joe Burrow healthy and in the lineup, there might not be three better teams in the NFL. However, the issue here is Burrow has simply not been able to stay in the lineup, so that is a problem.

The Bengals should be right back in the mix in 2024 and are my personal pick to win the AFC North.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Very much in play