These players are causing the biggest Buffalo Bills salary cap hits in 2024

What does the cap situation look like for the Buffalo Bills in 2024?
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The Buffalo Bills are going to be in a pretty shaky salary cap situation for 2024. Let's examine the three biggest cap hits for the team in the coming season. At some point, every NFL franchise will have to deal with a shaky cap situation. That scenario is going to come true for the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

They may have to make some tough decisions on some of their most notable players just to get under the cap, as they are projected to be over in 2024. Buffalo might be entering a make or break year during the playoffs this year. With Joe Burrow and the Bengals not in the postseason and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs being much weaker this year than in previous years, the Bills and Josh Allen might have their best chance at a Super Bowl this year.

Let's look into the future a bit at their three highest cap hits in 2024.

These players are causing the biggest Buffalo Bills salary cap hits in 2024
3. Von Miller - $23.874 million

Yeah, this is not going to be OK for the Buffalo Bills. They signed Von Miller to a massive contract last year, but he tore his ACL during the 2022 season and returned to the lineup this year. Miller played in 12 games and managed just three total tackles and three QB hits. Yes, that was his production this year.

And because of his contract, there is no way Buffalo would be able to trade him, so I think they have no choice but to cut or restructure his contract, as this cap hit is simply not going to fly in 2024.

2. Stefon Diggs - $27.854 million

Stefon Diggs is 30 years old and was actually not all that productive this year. His 1,183 yards were the lowest since his 2019 season. His eight touchdowns were down from having 10 and 11 in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. His 69.6 yards per game was his lowest since the 2018 season.

Overall, it was not a great year by Diggs' standards. He will be entering his age-31 season in 2024, although he does not turn 31 until the end of November. Diggs might be nearing the end of his prime, and I think his contract situation is something the Bills look to tweak a bit. This cap number in $30 million range next year, and I don't think Buffalo is going to let that fly in 2024.

1. Josh Allen - $47.056 million

Welp, it looks like Josh Allen's contract is going to begin kicking in next year. His cap hit this season is just $18.636 million, and it's going to increase by over 100% next year to nearly $50 million. Josh Allen threw a whopping 18 interceptions this season, and his INTs were directly responsible for a few of Buffalo's losses this year.

Allen is a franchise QB, but I personally do not think he is as elite as some people tend to think he is. Anyway, Buffalo will now have to endure the one downside of having a franchise QB - the hefty cap hits that come along with it.