These players are causing the biggest Kansas City Chiefs salary cap hits in 2024

Which players on the Kansas City Chiefs have the highest salary cap hits in 2024?
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The Kansas City Chiefs are set to enter a very important offseason at the end of this year's playoffs. Which three players have the highest cap hits in 2024? The Chiefs have endured a pretty lean year on offense in 2023. The skill players simply are not cutting it, and even the great Patrick Mahomes has not been nearly as good as previous seasons.

Even with that, the Chiefs managed to win 11 games this year and earned the No. 3 seed in the AFC. However, for the first time in the Mahomes era, they will have to potentially travel and play and away game in the playoffs. They do not feel like a true contender this year and will have some hefty cap hits to deal with in 2024.

These players are causing the biggest Kansas City Chiefs salary cap hits in 2024
3. Jawaan Taylor - $24.725 million

Jawaan Taylor originally signed with the Chiefs last offseason to play left tackle. Taylor ended up sticking with his normal position at right tackle, and it's been a rough year for the player. PFF credits him with 20 penalties and five sacks allowed, which are just shockingly bad numbers. Hopefully for the Chiefs, Taylor can live up to his cap hit in 2024.

2. Joe Thuney - $26.971 million

Joe Thuney is arguably the best guard in football and actually played some left tackle in Week 18. Even though the Chiefs' tackle situation is less than ideal, they have the best interior in the NFL, and Thuney is a huge reason for that. Nothing gets by him, so this hefty cap number is well worth it.

1. Patrick Mahomes - $57.358 million

Patrick Mahomes' cap hit in 2024 is ballooning to almost $60 million in 2024. The Chiefs will now have to endure Mahomes' high cap hits, and I think they are perfectly fine with that. The team won two Super Bowls in 2019 and 2022 with Mahomes under center.

They clearly are not a Super Bowl favorite this year, but I do think they will figure out their WR issues in the offseason and be right back to their normal selves in 2024. Mahomes' cap hit is certainly something to keep an eye on in the future.