Titans Rumors: 3 Derrick Henry trades to get him a Super Bowl

If the Titans are really going to part ways, maybe they try and get him a ring while they're at it
Titans, Derrick Henry
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It is all but certain that the Tennessee Titans will trade running back Derrick Henry prior to Tuesday's deadline, but where will he go?

The Titans have reportedly been shopping him since the early stages of the 2023 offseason, but have yet to make a deal happen. Now that Tennessee is in full-on selling mode, many believe a deal is right around the corner.

For the sake of his career and legacy, how about the Titans send him somewhere he can have a shot at a ring? If they entertain that idea, these three destinations would give him a great chance.

1. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills sit at 4-3 and clearly have some question marks. They are not the dominant team we thought they would be, going into the season. There were glimpses, though, when Buffalo ripped off three-straight blowouts earlier in the year.

Now, they are looking mediocrity square in the eye, and that's a bad place to be for a preseason Super Bowl hopeful. James Cook has been pretty good this year, but if the Bills were to land Henry, it would give them a legitimate thunder-and-lightning type of back field. Pressure would be taken off of everyone within this offense, whether it be Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Cook, or others.

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Giving the Bills arguably the most dominant running back in the game, plus the legs of Allen as a threat, could be what puts this Buffalo team over the top. It would take them from a team that ranks 14th in rushing to quite possible a top-5 team in that category.