Two things can be true with the Chicago Bears and QB Justin Fields

They aren't mutually exclusive.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / John Fisher/GettyImages

The firm believers in Justin FIelds, specifically the Chicago Bears fans, still seem to be clinging onto the QB, even though he's now on a different team. Fields was drafted back in 2021 by the previous regime led by former GM Ryan Pace and former HC Matt Nagy.

On a side note, the Bears replaced them with another GM named Ryan and another HC named Matt.

Anyway, Fields was thoroughly awful his first year in the NFL, but did seem to take a step forward in 2022, eclipsing 1,000 yards rushing and also showing some progress through the air. In 2023, he took a step back as a rusher and didn't improve much as a passer. Across 38 starts for the Bears, the team went 10-28 when Fields was under center, which is a pretty awful record.

For years now, there has been distinct and loud discussion surrounding Fields as an NFL QB, and I think the two most vocal opinions are this:

"Justin Fields isn't a franchise QB. He's not a good enough starter and hasn't show that he can be."


"The Chicago Bears failed Justin Fields! He'd be a franchise QB if he had more talent around him!"

Folks, one or the other doesn't have to be the singular truth. Both statements can be true. Yes, it is rather true that Justin Fields simply is not a franchise QB. He hasn't consistently shown that in the NFL. It's just a fact in my opinion. Also, there could be some truth to the idea that Bears GM Ryan Poles didn't exactly put the best personnel or coaching around Fields.

I guess we may never know what really could have happened in Chicago had the Bears decided to stick with Fields, but both statements can be true in this case. Maybe in Pittsburgh, Justin Fields can find his footing to a degree. Only time will tell.