What is the record for most passing yards in the Super Bowl?

Taking a look at some of the great passing performances in Super Bowl history.

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With only a few days before Super Bowl LVIII kicks off, there's only so much time for fun facts. Before we know it, the Chiefs and the 49ers will be taking the field in Las Vegas, and seven months of build up and anticipation will finally come to a head. So between now and then, it's important to milk the internet for all the fun facts that we can. For instance, you may be wondering what's the record for most passing yards in a Super Bowl? Great question!

What is the record for most passing yards in the Super Bowl?

That honor goes to – surprise – Tom Brady. (Honestly, if you didn't know, guessing Brady gave you like a 25% chance of being right. Please don't check my math.) Brady went over 500 yards – 505 to be exact – in the Patriots' Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. So if you feel like no one remembers that performance, blame Nick Foles. His final stat line was ridiculous: 28-48, 505 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions, and one big ol' L.

And if you can believe it, Brady also had the second-most passing yards in a Super Bowl. That came one year earlier, when he passed for 466 yards in the infamous 28-3 game against the Atlanta Falcons. He probably remembers that game a bit more fondly. Here are the rest of the 10 best passing performances from Super Bowl history, just for your bar trivia knowledge.

3. Kurt Warner -- 414, Super Bowl XXXIV
4. Kurt Warner -- 377, Super Bowl XLII
5. Nick Foles -- 373, Super Bowl LII
6. Kurt Warner -- 365, Super Bowl XXXVI
7. Donovan McNabb -- 357, Super Bowl XXXIX
8. Joe Montana -- 357, Super Bowl XXIII
9. Tom Brady -- 354, Super Bowl XXXVI
10. Doug Williams -- 340, Super Bowl XXII