Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl in their team's history?

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Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans seem to be giving second-year QB Will Levis a legitimate shot at the franchise QB job in Tennessee. They had a nice and short run with Ryan Tannehill, but have largely been an average team for years now. I don't expect Tennessee to be very good in 2024, but they can certainly make some progress.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Lol

Arizona Cardinals

Now in a clear rebuild, the Arizona Cardinals last made the Super Bowl in 2018, when Kurt Warner was taking snaps for the team. With Kyler Murray installed as the franchise QB and what seems to be good management and coaching, the Cardinals could be eye-balling 2025 as their first year with an open Super Bowl window.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Not happening unless 28 other teams forfeit the season

Cleveland Browns

A team that is built to win games late in the season, the Cleveland Browns won 11 games last year and sported the best defense in the NFL. If their QB, Deshaun Watson, can return to his old form from his days with the Houston Texans, the Browns would go from a good team to being among the NFL's elite.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Can see it, but it hinges on the QB