Which teams have the most cap space after the 2024 NFL Draft?

Let's look at the teams with the most cap space following the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The 2024 NFL Draft began almost a week ago, and as teams get their rookie classes signed, they will slowly progress into the other phases of the offseason. And part of this could be teams taking one last gander in the free agent market. In the NFL Draft, it's not uncommon for teams to miss out on filling a need here and there.

And there is where the FA market comes into play. The remaining free agents could find new homes after the NFL Draft if certain teams come calling. For those free agents, it can't be an easy time just sitting around and waiting for a team to call. Well, perhaps the top five most cap-rich teams in the NFL would be willing to make a phone call?

Here are the five teams with the most cap space after the 2024 NFL Draft, according to Over The Cap.

Which teams have the most cap space after the 2024 NFL Draft?
1. New England Patriots - $54 million

The New England Patriots came into the offseason with a metric ton of cap space, high draft picks, and I truly do not know if they have gotten better. Taking Drake Maye third overall was a good move, and so was re-signing Mike Onwenu, but everything else has felt pretty "meh."

We'll see if I am way off, but de-facto GM Eliot Wolf hasn't exactly hit a home run this offseason. Nonetheless, New England has the most cap space in the NFL.

2. Washington Commanders - $43 million

Another team that has had a confusing offseason is the Washington Commanders. They drafted Jayden Daniels second overall and are likely set to start him Week 1 barring something unfortunate. Dan Quinn gets his second chance to be a head coach in the NFL and still has over $43 million in cap available.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - $34 million

The Jaguars took a step back in 2023 after a breakout 2022 season. They have the coaching staff right, but as crazy as it may sound, the biggest "what if" for them is Trevor Lawrence. He regressed in 2023 and is kind of in a quietly urgent situation. What would the Jags do if Lawrence doesn't improve back to his 2022 form? What if, somehow, his 2022 season was just an outlier?

4. Tennessee Titans - $30.8 million

The Titans have not been afraid to spend this offseason, and it's been a Will Levis-centered period for Tennessee, as they have invested well over $100 million and draft picks into the offense, clearly wanting to give Levis a fair shot in year two. If it doesn't work with Levis, the new QB would likely come into a situation with a stable personnel situation on offense.

5. Los Angeles Chargers - $30.6 million

The LA Chargers came into the offseason in "cap hell," and have worked themselves out of it. The selection of Joe Alt with the fifth overall pick has yielded mixed reviews from Chargers fans, but it was the right move. Jim Harbaugh returns to the NFL after a 10-year absence and is hoping his first draft class can be a solid building block for the future.

If the Chargers did want to add more in free agency, they still have the money to do so.