Why haven't the Miami Dolphins extended QB Tua Tagovailoa?

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1. The Franchise Tag Option

Here’s the thing: the Dolphins don’t need to be bullied by NFL media narratives into paying Tua top dollar right now. They’ve got options. With the fifth-year option in 2024 and the franchise tag for the following year, Miami can take a “wait-and-see” approach.

Using the franchise tag buys them more time to evaluate Tua’s performance and durability without committing to a long-term deal. Plus, it keeps their financial options open. They can also consider drafting a quarterback in 2025. Imagine having Tua on the franchise tag while grooming a new, mobile QB like Jalen Milroe from Alabama or KJ Jefferson from Arkansas. These guys have different skill sets from Tua and could learn a lot from sitting behind him for a year or two.

As much as this may hurt, the Fins have Mike White. No, he’s not an elite starter at quarterback, but he’s shown he can win games when he suited up for the New York Jets. He can play until Tua and his camp decide it’s time for the No. 5 overall pick to come back. If they decide it’s best for him to sit out, well, they’ll be doing so for two seasons.

So, no, there’s no rush to sign Tua to a long-term deal. The Dolphins have a strategic plan in place, and they’re sticking to it. They’re in control, and they’ll make the decision that’s best for the team’s future, regardless of outside pressure.

It’s nothing wrong with the Dolphins taking cautious and strategic approach with Tua. They’re making sure they have all their bases covered before making a massive financial commitment, and that’s a smart play.