Should the Arizona Cardinals have selected Logan Thomas to start?


Did the Arizona Cardinals make the right decision to choose Ryan Lindley as the starter over rookie Logan Thomas?


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There are not many other options for the team to pick up off of free agency to help the team out at this time in the season. Kurt Warner doesn’t want to play football anymore, so the team has to stick with someone on the roster already. Lindley has been on the roster and has been studying the offense for a few weeks. He is the best option that the team could select. He might be a great option, but he is the best option.

Some fans would love to see rookie Logan Thomas on the field, but he has no experience. The team can’t toss out a rookie onto the field and hope for the best.  He has potential, but he was drafted onto the roster as a project and the plan wasn’t to get him on the field this season. The plan was to let him develop and learn the system and he could possibly see the field in the following season. He is not ready yet.

Thomas was able to get on the field against the Denver Broncos earlier in the season and completed 1-of-8 passes. His one completion went for 81 yards and a touchdown though. That is the type of inconsistency that you would get from a rookie though. At least that was a good high for his first chance on the field. There has been some talk about him seeing some action on the field, but we will have to wait and see what the team decides to do with him.

Lindley has been on and off the roster since 2012. He started 4 games in the 2012 season and then sat on the bench for 2013. He has been with Bruce Arians for the last couple of seasons, so he should be more familiar with the season. This will be his team to run till the end of the season. We will wait and see what happens once the playoffs start to see who is available then.