San Diego Chargers: Top 10 Wide Receivers of All-Time

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10). Curtis Conway, 2000-2002

While he only played 43 games in a Charger uniform (lowest among top Bolts receivers), Curtis Conway was one of the best to play the position for San Diego. In three seasons, Conway caught 181 passes for 2,689 yards and 16 touchdowns. His 62.5 yards per game ranking ninth all-time with his yards,  receptions, touchdowns and yards per catch (14.9) ranking 17th, 21st, 17th and 65th in franchise history, respectively.

His best season on record for San Diego would have to be in 2001 when Conway caught 71 passes for 1,125 yards and six touchdowns with 116 yards and a touchdown rushing the football.

The reason why he is on this list besides his stats is because of his overall football IQ which has taken him to the head coaching profession (as seen in the above video). Had Conway stayed with the Bolts for the remainder of his days in San Diego, I believe that he could have gone for some big yardage and cemented his name with some of the greats.

Unfortunately though, three years was the only time he had and is the reason he is where he is on this list.

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