Fantasy Football: Week 2 Daily League Picks


After a week of fantasy football daily league play, it’s Martino up a cool fitty spot and Glauser scraping change out of the couch! Click here to see how it went down in the inaugural contest.

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Clayton Martino: DraftKings

Last Week:

Entry: $3

Place: 902

Won: $50

QB Tom Brady – 27.62

RB DeMarco Murray – 18

RB Carlos Hyde – 35.2

WR Jordan Matthews – 23.2

WR Jarvis Landry – 20.7

WR Davante Adams – 9.9

TE Rob Gronkowski – 32.4

FLEX Dion Lewis – 16

DST Miami Dolphins – 15

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2015 NFL Fantasy Season with a solid Week 1 performance. I felt great about the Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski combination against the Steelers’ defense going into Thursday night, and they proved me right with a terrific performance that set the tone for the weekend. Carlos Hyde ended it with an impressive performance of his own, and on the whole I was very happy with the team I selected.

Best Pick – RB Dion Lewis

This one was easy. Lewis cost me only $3,000 and picked me up a very solid 16 points (120 total yards and four receptions). He didn’t get the cheap red zone touchdown as the Patriots gave the ball to Brandon Bolden on the goal line, but overall you can’t ask much more from the cheapest player on your roster.

Worst Pick – RB DeMarco Murray

It’s easy to look at Adams and say he was my worst pick because he gained the fewest points, which is entirely fair. Still, I stand by the Adams pick and expect him to have a big season. Murray cost double the price of Lewis and only totaled two more points than the Patriots’ running back. On top of that, he was very unimpressive, picking up 20 total yards in the game. For the money I spent on Murray, I could have gotten Travis Kelce (31.6 points).

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Week 2:

NFL $10M Millionaire Maker $20 Entry

QB Tony Romo (at Philadelphia) – $7,100

RB Justin Forsett (at Oakland) – $6,200

RB Ameer Abdullah (at Minnesota) – $4,500

WR Terrance Williams (at Philadelphia) – $4,200

WR Brandon Coleman (vs Tampa Bay) – $3,300

WR Antonio Brown (vs San Francisco) – $8,800

TE Jason Witten (at Philadelphia) – $4,300

FLEX Rob Gronkowski (at Buffalo) – $7,300

DST Rams (at Washington) – $3,100

The way I see it, when you have a good week, it’s time to up the ante. Last week I rode the Patriots en route to winning $50 – this week, I’m going with the Cowboys. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones torched the Eagles in Week 1, and I’m banking on Tony Romo and Terrance Williams (who will be stepping in for the injured Dez Bryant) to do the same.

The Jason Witten pick makes me a little nervous – he caught two touchdowns against the New York Giants last week, but he hasn’t scored against the Eagles since the 2010 season. He has put up solid numbers despite the lack of touchdowns, however, including a 12 catch, 135 yard performance in 2013. I’m counting on a high scoring game that will see Romo airing it out and that should benefit Witten.

One of my best picks last week was RB Dion Lewis – this week, my sleeper (so to speak) is Brandon Coleman. Coleman put up a respectable 14.1 points last week, and hopefully will put up a similar total this week against a weak Tampa Bay defense that allowed Marcus Mariota to have his way with them. At 6’6, 225 pounds, Coleman is the Saints best red zone threat, and ideally will find the end zone at least once.

You can’t win if your best players don’t perform, and this week I’m going with Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski. Brown had a huge game against the Patriots and will continue to see double digit targets every week. As for Gronk, I plan on picking him every week until teams prove they can stop him. We’ll see if Rex Ryan and company are up to the task.

Justin Forsett, Ameer Abdullah, and the Rams defense round out my team for one main reason: match-ups. Forsett and Abdullah should see plenty of carries against a weak Raiders team and a Vikings defense that allowed Carlos Hyde to run rampant on Monday Night Football. The Washington team is a mess, and after what the Rams did to the Seahawks, it could be a long day for the Redskins’ offense.

Jeff Glauser: FanDuel

Last Week:

Entry: $2

Place: 96,835 out of 143,678

Winnings: $0

QB – Sam Bradford – 15.44

RB – Jonathan Stewart – 10.1

RB – LeSean McCoy – 10.2

WR – Odell Beckham Jr. – 6.9

WR – Nelson Agholor – 1

WR – Demaryius Thomas – 9.5

TE – Tyler Eifert – 26.9

K – Nick Folk – 7

D – Jaguars – 7

I couldn’t have asked for a worse start to the fantasy season! Seemingly from the first opening kickoff, there didn’t seem to be even a glimmer of hope. In fact, I’m not going to even defend the selections. Instead, I’ll make like the Eagles, Colts, Seahawks and other underachieving Week 1 teams and chalk it up to a mulligan.

Best Pick – TE Tyler Eifert

Well, at least my hunch panned out! Although he could have been my best pick by default, the dude’s been flying under the radar for quite a while. But after posting 9 receptions for 104 yards and a couple TDs, that’s no longer the case!

Worst Pick – WR Odell Beckham Jr.

I could have gone with Nelson Agholor, who was essentially invisible against the Falcons. Hell, I could have gone with anyone not named “Eifert!” But when one of the game’s most dynamic (and expensive!) receivers is held in check by a suspect defense and division rival, it aint good.

Week 2:

$4K Sun NFL Mini Dive $1 Entry

QB Sam Bradford (vs. Dallas) $7500

RB Amir Abdullah (@ Minnesota) $6400

RB Carlos Hyde (@ Pittsburgh) $7000

WR Jordan Matthews (vs. Dallas) $7000

WR Julio Jones (@ NY Giants) $8800

WR Odell Beckham Jr. (vs. Atlanta) $8700

TE Jason Witten (@ Philadelphia) $6000

K Josh Brown (vs. Atlanta) $4500

D Washington Redskins (vs. St. Louis) $4100

This week has a theme: Redemption and Momentum. For Bradford, both could apply. He looked dazed and confused in the first half against Atlanta on Monday night and found his touch in the second. If he and his battery mates can’t rise to the occasion at home against their bitter rivals, then all hope is lost.

For both running backs, it’s all about picking up where they left off. Abdullah instantly vaulted himself into front runner status for Rookie of the Year and, after what Hyde did against the Vikings’ defense, it’s a safe bet he comes through again.

Meanwhile, last year’s hype of Hyde may finally be coming to fruition in a Gore-less backfield. And this isn’t your father’s Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh anymore.

Minus a costly drop at the end, Matthews quietly had a good game last week. And if I’m betting on Bradford to bounce back, might as well link him to his top receiver.

There was nothing quiet about Jones on Monday, or on most gamedays. With a running game that’s still working out the kinks, look for Matt Ryan to continue to look for his stud. There are reports of some hamstring concerns, but I’m pretty sure the dude’s not human so he should be fine.

There’s no way ODB can have two duds in a row, right? In his final nine contests last season, he registered at least eight targets and 90 receiving yards. He also scored nine times (spoken in my best Principal Rooney voice from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) in his last six games. He’ll do fine here.

Witten kills the Eagles. Has been doing it for years now. And with the absence of Dez Bryant, figure on Tony Romo to go his way quite often.

This season, Brown may be the beneficiary of a Giants’ offense that may struggle to score in the red zone at times. That said, of his four field goals last week, two were over 40 yards.

Admittedly, I chose the Skins’ defense mainly because I ran out of salary money! However, they did hold the Dolphins to just seven points through three quarters, plus the Rams could be set up for a letdown after an emotional victory over the Seahawks.

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