Washington Football Team: Temporary name, uniforms revealed

The Washington Football Team has a temporary name, uniforms and merch.

After the notion of the Washington Sentinels was shot down and on the same day that the NHL revealed the branding for its new franchise, the Seattle Kraken, the Washington NFL franchise made an announcement about its name change. Of course, knowing that they’ll be called the Washington Football Team is less than exciting.

On Thursday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL franchise in the nation’s capital will temporarily be known as the Washington Football Team. Again, this is a temporary measure that will take place until the franchise can continue removing their offensive former nickname and logo from their physical and digital presence and while they also decide on a new name.

Along with being called the Washington Football Team, though, there will also be temporary uniforms and merchandise that will be used and be available for purchase.

Frankly, the temporary uniforms are actually a good look. Washington’s burgundy and gold color scheme has always popped nicely and that continues to be the case even though the old logo has now been removed from the jerseys and helmet. The merchandise, however, looks more like a knock-off novelty item than anything else considering that there isn’t a logo and the temporary nature of this name.

Washington Football Team is fine but franchise is dragging its feet.

Between the name change and the accusations of a culture of sexual assault within the organization this offseason, the Washington NFL franchise could use something positive and clearly wanted some kind of good press with this move. This, however, was not what anyone was looking for from the Dan Snyder-owned organization.

The only bit of humor from the matter is that Washington Football Team is so generic and so hilarious on an actual NFL uniform and merchandise that it’s believable to think that this could stick longer than intended. Fans have an odd way of taking something like this, getting backing on social media and making something legitimate happen.

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Who knows if the Washington Football Team ever sees the NFL field in this form or if they’ll find another proper nickname before them. But for now, that’s what they’ll be called and, should they play, they have a temporary look as well. Baby steps, I suppose.

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