Chicago Bears Way Too Early 2023 Mock Draft: Phase 2 of the Poles Plan

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It may be a bit premature, but the 2023 NFL Draft has several enticing options for the Chicago Bears if they use their picks wisely.

It’s June of 2022, which means the Chicago Bears are not looking too far ahead to the 2023 NFL Draft but rather the season ahead.

Still, don’t put it past general manager Ryan Poles to not be looking at the future crop of college players looking to take the next leap. The question is, how is Ryan Poles going to attack the draft when he has a first-round pick at his disposal?

The answer? His formula from his introductory interview with Jeff Joniak. The longtime Bears radio voice asked Poles about the type of team he wanted to see. Poles’ response was “tough, violent, and fast.” Three words may look small but have more significant meaning.

NFL 2022, Chicago Bears

NFL 2022; Chicago Bears-Head Coach Matt Eberflus (left) and new Bears General Manager Ryan Poles (right) pose for photos during a Press Conference Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 NFL Draft is Phase 2 of Ryan Poles’ rebuilding plan for the Chicago Bears.

As of right now, the Chicago Bears are mocked 8th in the NFL Draft by the Mock Draft Database. That’s not the worst position to be in, but realistically speaking, that’s not the best either. So how does this play out?

For one, we have seen what Poles likes to do. Trade down into later rounds to have multiple picks. However, in early rounds, Poles likes to stay put and take the best player on the board that fits the philosophy, whether it be offense or defense. That bodes well for head coach Matt Eberflus.

Many will be clamoring for a wide receiver. But the position is not the main priority. It’s the player and the tape that matters. Plus, there are so many holes that the Bears need to fill; 2022’s class can’t fill all of them. In other words, this process will take time.

That said, here is a way-too-early 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Starting with round 1, Chicago lands a player that not only played for a dominant college program but whose roots in high school are reminiscent of an NFL Hall of Famer.

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