2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 14

Major playoff implications in Week 14 NFL picks and score predictions

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Seattle Seahawks (6-6) @ San Francisco 49ers (9-3)

Sunday, December 10, 4:05 PM ET

The Seattle Seahawks lost when scoring 35 or more points for the first time in the entire Pete Carroll era, a streak that had extended to nearly 40 games. That’s pretty crazy, but that’s what happens when you also allow 41 points and don’t block Micah Parsons on the last play of the game, isn’t it?

After starting strong again this season, the Seahawks have come crashing back to earth and, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better in Week 14. The Seahawks have to follow up a matchup on the road against Dallas with a matchup on the road against San Francisco.


The 49ers are a whopping 12.5-point favorites at home in this game. I mean, it’s not unrealistic to think they can win this game by two touchdowns, but to see an opening line like that with two teams that are .500 and above? It speaks to the level the 49ers are playing right now. And they are absolutely cruising.

The 49ers are a team without any real weakness right now. Their coaching is elite, their roster is elite, their execution is elite, and their depth is elite. This is a juggernaut and I would say the best team in the NFL right now. The Seahawks are going to need to force a bunch of turnovers and have everything go right in this game to have a chance.

Prediction: 49ers win 34-20