2023 NFL Season: 3 key observations halfway through the year

The 2023 NFL Season has shaped up, thus far, to be pretty interesting.
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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Can you believe that we are already into Week 10 of the 2023 NFL Season? This year has flown by this far. Anyway, let's talk about three key observations after half of the season has passed us by. What makes the NFL so much better than the other major professional sports leagues is how much parity there is.

Take this for example:

The Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins beat the Denver Broncos

The parity circle in the NFL ends up coming together at some point, which is great for the league. And through roughly half the season, there has been a ton of parity present. There's also been a lot of everything else; teams who have shocked us, both good and bad, players who have regressed, players who have taken the next step, and coaches who have already been fired.

Let's try to organize everything and make three key observations at the halfway point of the 2023 NFL season.

2023 NFL Season: 3 key observations halfway through the year
1. The NFC is wide, WIDE open

I get that the Philadelphia Eagles are 8-1 and again look like the best team in the NFC, but they have issues. Other top teams in the conference like the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and others all have their own questions. The NFC appears to be wide open at this point.

Part of this is also due to the NFC not having many truly great quarterbacks. As you all have probably seen, the AFC has much more QB talent than the NFC. Who is the best QB in the NFC? Is it Jalen Hurts? Dak Prescott? Was it Kirk Cousins before he went down? To me, there is no clear team who has separated themselves from the rest.

The NFC playoff picture is slowly beginning to take shape, and I am eager to see how it shakes out.