2025 NFL mock draft: Entire two round mock draft predictions

Let's roll out another 2025 NFL Mock Draft!
Arizona v Colorado
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61. Detroit Lions - Oronde Gadsden II, WR, Syracuse

The Detroit Lions add Oronda Gadsden II from Syracuse at the bottom of the second round i the 2025 NFL Draft.  The Lions might have the best roster in the league and do have enough talent to make the Super Bowl this year.  QB Jared Goff signed an extension with the team this offseason.

62. Baltimore Ravens - Tez Johnson, WR, Oregon

Two-straight picks at wide receiver, the Baltimore Ravens have always seemed to have a small hole at this position.  Rashod Bateman, one of their current wide receivers, is again being hyped up, but let’s face it; the Ravens need a consistent WR1 on this team, as Lamar Jackson really hasn’t had that during his career with the team.

63. San Francisco 49ers - Patrick Payton, EDGE, Florida State

The Niners have gotten to where they have atop the NFL hierarchy because of just how strongly they build their defensive lines.  Why stop now?  The 49ers take Patrick Payton from Florida State with the 63rd overall pick.

The 49ers did have to do a bit of reshuffling along their defensive line this offseason.  Leonard Floyd and Maliek Collins are the two new notable additions to this unit.

64. Kansas City Chiefs - Elic Ayomanor, WR, Stanford

In 2023, Elic Ayomanor had 62 receptions, 1,013 yards, and six touchdowns.  Averaging over 16 yards per reception could be a sign that he could be an explosive player at the NFL level.  Yes, the Chiefs did add Xavier Worthy and Hollywood Brown this offseason, but why stop there?

Really, the Chiefs WR spot might be their only roster weakness.

Exhale.  OK, there you have it, a full, two-round, 2025 NFL Mock Draft.  The 2025 NFL Draft is still 10 months away, but it’s clear that next April’s draft is going to again be filled with quite a bit of talent.