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Making NFL picks and score predictions for the Divisional Round through the Super Bowl
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(2) Buffalo Bills @ (1) Baltimore Ravens -- AFC Championship Game

This is primed to be a showdown for the ages.

The Baltimore Ravens have been bordering on unbeatable this season, and they're supposed to be getting Mark Andrews back for their playoff run. Lamar Jackson has played like an MVP this season. The Ravens' defense is playing lights out.

But there's something about this Buffalo Bills team that has me Bill-ieving...

Alright lay off me.

The Bills just feel like a team that's going to keep their streak going, especially if they beat Kansas City. Josh Allen has been playing like a man possessed lately, and I just can't shake the idea that Buffalo -- who has forced a ton of turnovers this season -- is going to run the table in the playoffs.

I think they've got what it takes to do the near-impossible: Go into Baltimore and get a tough road win. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, James Cook, hopefully a healthy Gabe Davis...This Bills team has what it takes, and they're on an unreal heater right now.

Prediction: Bills win 27-24