2024 NFL Schedule Release: Highlighting some of the best games of the year

The NFL Schedule for 2024 is now officially out!
Super Bowl LVIII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference
Super Bowl LVIII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Schedule is now officially out, and among the hundreds of games this year, a few stick out as being some of the best. And believe me, there are way more than this. There is quite a bit of parity in the NFL, which is awesome for competition.

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs have won three out of the last five Super Bowls, the AFC is quite loaded and the NFC has several true contenders. The NFL has carved out a niche in making the schedule release more than just listing the games. Teams across the league will put their own spin on their schedule release videos.

Let's look at a handful of games in 2024 that'll surely have some fireworks.

2024 NFL Schedule Release: Highlighting some of the best games of the year
Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs - Week 1

In the opening game of the 2024 NFL Season, the Baltimore Ravens face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. It's going to be a rematch of the 2023 AFC Championship Game, in which the Chiefs bested the Ravens. There definitely is something to say about the Ravens and their playoff performances in the Lamar Jackson era.

The Ravens also did lose a good bit of talent this offseason, so we'll see if they can replicate their 2023 season. Their defensive coordinator, Mike Macdonald, left to be the next head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, so the defense could take a bit of a nosedive in 2024. Nonetheless, the two most electric passers in the NFL will square off in Week 1.

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles - Week 1

Taking place in Brazil, one of the first games of the season sees the Green Bay Packers playing the Philadelphia Eagles. This is techincally a home game for Philly, which is a bit of a disadvantage, as that means there's one less game they play at The Linc this year. The Packers are the better team and have the better QB and coaching staff.

However, the always-aggressive Howie Roseman always fields a top roster, so roster-wise, the Eagles will have something to say about this game.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Week 2

These two teams could find themselves duking it out for the AFC East crown as we progress toward the end of the 2024 NFL Season. With the Buffalo Bills having to shed some veteran salaries this offseason, a small window has opened for the Miami Dolphins to try and make some noise.

The Dolphins were aggressive in adding talent this offseason. Their most notable addition, even though he's far from their best, was Odell Beckham Jr, who could slide into a serviceable third or fourth WR role.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs - Week 2

In the first two weeks of the season, the Chiefs host the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow has actually gotten the better of Patrick Mahomes in their four total matchups, winning three of them. When healthy, the Bengals can take down the Chiefs in the regular and postseason. This game promises to be one of the best of the season, even with it being in Week 2.

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Francisco 49ers - Week 7

In a rematch of the Super Bowls in 2019 and 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers face off in Week 7. At this point, I think the two teams are tired of playing each other, but yet again, this feels like another very safe bet as the Super Bowl game for this season. The Chiefs and 49ers are still very much in their respective Super Bowl windows, so there's no reason to take the foot off the gas.