2024 NFL Season: 3 dark horse MVP candidates that could take the league by storm

Could these three NFL players be dark horse candidates to win the MVP award in 2024?
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
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The 2024 NFL Season is quickly approaching, so let's take a deeper look at three dark horse MVP candidates that could take the league by storm. Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson won the MVP award in the 2023 NFL Season, and between he and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, they have won four of the MVP awards over the last six seasons.

It's time for some fresh blood to step up and win this incredible individual honor. There could be legitimate MVP candidates scattered everywhere across the NFL, but let's look closer at three dark horse candidates that could take the league by storm in 2024.

2024 NFL Season: 3 dark horse MVP candidates that could take the league by storm
Anthony Richardson, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson attempted just 84 passes during his rookie season, but he did manage to put some nice play on the field for the Indianapolis Colts. He threw for three touchdowns against one interception and also rushed for 136 yards and four touchdowns. Seven total touchdowns in four games is pretty impressive, and Richardson did that as a very young rookie.

Still newly 22 years old, Anthony Richardson could have an extremely long career ahead of him, but what we saw during his rookie season needs to change a bit. Richardson has to learn how to protect himself a bit better and obviously has to progress as a passer, but he's got the perfect skillset to be a multi-time MVP in the NFL.

And the Colts managed to win nine games in 2023 with Gardner Minshew taking most of the snaps, so that tells you just how good their personnel and coaching is on offense. Anthony Richardson really has a golden opportunity here.

Kyren Williams, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Kyren Williams? Yes, Kyren Williams. Williams played quite well in 2023, and in just 12 games, racked up 1,144 yards, 12 touchdowns, and had another 206 yards as a receiver and three touchdowns. He had 1,350 yards from scrimmage in 2023.

Had he played all 17 games, he would have been on pace for 1,913 yards from scrimmage and 21 total touchdowns. That would have been insane production, and with the LA Rams now boasting an improved offensive line, and Williams set to enter year three in the NFL, I can't imagine what the limit is for him in the offense.

Now yes, the Rams did draft RB Blake Corum in 2024, so that could throw a wrench into things, but what if Williams plays well enough to keep Corum on the bench as much as possible? He has played in just 22 games across his first two seasons, so injuries are obviously a concern, but many players have broken their injury curses and have been able to stay healthy for extended periods of time.

I don't see why Kyren Williams can't do that in 2024.

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Oh how quickly we have forgotten about Kyler Murray, one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. He's now two years removed from his 2022 ACL injury, so that should only help him return to his old self quicker. Murray has never lit up the stat sheet, but he's always filled it up, and he's been able to do this while dealing with some poor coaching and personnel.

The 2023 Arizona Cardinals seemed to be a team on the right track, and I would expect them to be a lot better in 2024. Murray now has some reinforcements along the offensive line and a new WR to use in Marvin Harrison Jr. The former first overall pick is obviously going to be featured in the offense, as offensive coordinator Drew Petzig may be able to get Murray to produce his strongest season in the NFL.

Do not discount Kyler Murray from winning the NFL MVP award in 2024.