2024 NFL Season: 3 teams set disappoint approaching official schedule release

How many teams are going to fall short of expectations in 2024?
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As we approach the official release of the 2024 NFL Schedule, let's look at three teams who are definitely set to disappoint. There will always be teams who exceed and fall short of expectations in the NFL; that's just how the league works. Last year, the Houston Texans greatly exceeded expectations

They were led by rookies CJ Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. The New York Jets disappointed, but to be fair, they also lost their franchise QB just a handful of plays in the season. But anyway, as we approach the official release of the schedule for the 2024 season, could these three teams be in line to disappoint?

2024 NFL Season: 3 teams set disappoint approaching official schedule release
1. Buffalo Bills

I cannot get on board with the Buffalo Bills, and they actually disappoint every season. Josh Allen is a turnover machine and did contribute to several of the Bills losses in 2023. They again fell short of their goals and lost some serious firepower this offseason, most notably being Stefon Diggs.

Currently, rookie Keon Coleman and veteran Curtis Samuel are the top wide receivers on the Bills depth chart, so not only did their offense take a bit, but their defense is without Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer on the backend. With the Bills having entered the 2023 offseason in salary cap hell, it's no surprise that some veteran players had to be parted with.

We're now entering a phase where the roster gets re-worked with some younger and cheaper talent, so don't expect much from Buffalo this year.

2. New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers will turn 41 years old this season and is coming off of a major injury. An Achilles tear is no joke, and there is no guarantee that the veteran QB is going to return to his old self. In 2022, his last year with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers threw just 26 touchdown passes and finished with a measly passer rating of 91.1.

And that was two whole seasons ago. Rodgers is declining, and the Jets got worse personnel-wise on defense this offseason, so while they are trying to go all-in with Aaron Rodgers, it's not going to yield great results for them in 2024.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Perhaps the most underwhelming team this offseason, the Dallas Cowboys did virtually nothing in free agency, lost the best defensive coordinator in the NFL, and just look poised to regress in 2024. Both Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy are both in the last year of their respective deals, so a re-tooling process could be on the horizon.

The Cowboys have won 12 games in each of the last three seasons, but have continued their reputation of falling short of the postseason. With how dominant both sides of the ball have been for Dallas in recent years, a regression has to happen at some point, and I believe that it'll be in 2024.