2025 NFL mock draft: Could these three teams be looking for a new quarterback?

These three teams might be looking for a new QB in the 2025 NFL Draft.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

The 2025 NFL Draft might be another case of quarterbacks being in demand quite early. Could these three teams be heavy in the market for a new passer? There just are not enough quality quarterbacks across the NFL for every team, so each year, there is always some sort of major QB movement.

For this offseason, it was the six quarterbacks going with the first 12 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, which is something we may never see again. If the 2025 NFL Draft class at quarterback is as weak as it seems now, the desperation might be double what it was in 2024.

Which three teams could be in the market for a new quarterback in the 2025 NFL Draft?

2025 NFL mock draft: Could these three teams be looking for a new quarterback?
1. New York Giants

You have to feel bad for New York Giants fans, who will now be subjected to Daniel Jones and Drew Lock for the 2024 NFL Season. Something that is clearly an utter faillure by GM Joe Schoen, the Giants totally missed on taking a QB, but apparently had strong interest in trading up for Drake Maye.

Well, I just have no idea how an NFL team desires to trade into the top three for a QB, fails, and doesn't take a QB altogether. It's puzzling from the Giants front office, and they'll again find themselves right back in the QB mix next offseason, but the 2025 NFL Draft quarterback class doesn't seem nearly as deep, so the Giants might have to have insane desperation.

2. Tennessee Titans

There's a very real shot that second-year QB Will Levis isn't the answer, which would leave the Tennessee Titans left in a position needing a long-term answer at QB and perhaps a top-5 pick. Titans GM Ran Carthon has loaded up on offense to help Levis, so the personnel itself is now at a point where the front office can get a good read on Levis.

If he simply isn't good enough, Tennessee may again have to do some serious quarterback homework. They sport a new trio of wide receivers in DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, and Tyler Boyd, so there isn't a shortage of pass-catchers for Levis.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

Another team that had quite the awful offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders missed out on all the quarterback fun in the 2024 NFL Draft. They allegedly had interest in both Jayden Daniels and Michael Penix Jr, and they were able to come away with neither. By the time their first round pick, pick 13 came on the clock, all six first-round caliber quarterbacks were off the board.

The Raiders opted for Georgia TE Brock Bowers, meaning over the last two years, they've used a first round pick and second round pick on the tight end position. That is a masterclass on how to not build an NFL franchise. Right now, journeyman backup Gardner Minshew seems to be the favorite to start in Week 1 for the Raiders, which is a scary solution.