3 biggest NFL storylines to follow in remainder of season

There are so many interesting storylines to follow during the rest of the season!
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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With five weeks left in the 2023 NFL regular season, the storylines are hitting their boiling points, and it'll be interesting to see what transpires the rest of the season. It truly does feel like so much more can happen the rest of the season. Between no clear favorite in the MVP race and a ton of parity this year, the NFL hasn't been more uncertain than it is in 2023.

In the coming weeks as we progress into the postseason, we'll get the answers to some huge storylines and will also see new ones develop. With about 30% of the regular season still left to go, let's look at the three biggest storylines to follow the rest of the season.

Storyline #1: Who the heck separates themselves in the MVP race?

Right now, there really is no clear favorite to win the award. Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott each have solid arguments, but so does Christian McCaffrey, Tyreek Hill, and perhaps even Jalen Hurts. I think this is amazing for the NFL. The league is in the best shape when there's this much parity and this much uncertainty as well.

I do think in the next few weeks, we'll see a player separate themselves, and it'll be nice if it's someone who isn't one of the more popular choices, in my opinion. I think a non-quarterback winning this award would be phenomenal for the NFL. My gut tells me that Dak Prescott, believe it or not, ends up winning the prestigious award.