3 destinations for Russell Wilson in 2024 NFL Season

Russell Wilson will likely be on his third NFL team in 2024.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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3. Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders are going to be looking for a QB in 2024. They just sent Sam Howell to the bench in favor of Jacoby Brissett, and the team has also lost six games in a row. Howell showed some promise early in the season but it's clear that the team needs some stability there.

The Commanders also had interest in Russell Wilson before he was dealt to the Denver Broncos. I could see a scenario where the Commanders want to start fresh at the position. They could move on from Sam Howell, sign Russell Wilson, and draft a QB. With the Commanders having a new ownership group in place, they surely want to make their presence felt early.

And at this point, I think Russell Wilson has lost much of the allure that he had when he was with the Seahawks. He's clearly no longer the top-seven QB that he was for a decade when he entered the league. I don't think he'll have teams lining up with contracts who want to sign him. I think Russell Wilson is going to have to build his value back up a bit and may have to take a QB job that isn't s glamorous as it can be.

Wilson turns 36 during the 2024 NFL Season and is not a pocket passer. He is best when he plays out of structure, and as he continues to age, he'll lose more and more speed. Wilson definitely used his legs a good bit this year, but you could tell that he wasn't as fast as he once was. In the off chance that Wilson can reinvent himself as a pocket passer, he could extend his career, but at this point, he should be viewed as an average starter.