3 quarterbacks New York Jets can replace Aaron Rodgers with next NFL offseason

Should the New York Jets already be looking to part with Aaron Rodgers?
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After missing virtually all of the 2023 NFL Season, Aaron Rodgers is now missing the rest of Jets minicamp. Has the team already had enough with the QB? Contractually, there is an "out" in this contract, and depending on how 2024 goes, the Jets might take that route. I don't know how the Jets couldn't be even a little annoyed with Rodgers.

He tore his Achilles in 2023, and flirted with the idea of returning from the injury in the season, which would have been a scientific feat never accomplished before. Well, that all seemed to be smoke, and now the latest drama to hit the New York Jets is Rodgers missing the rest of the minicamp period.

The absence is just another wrinkle in the blanket of drama that the New York Jets have had ever since Rodgers was traded there. Could the Jets embrace moving on from Aaron Rodgers next offseason?

Here are three QBs they could replace him with.

3 quarterbacks New York Jets can replace Aaron Rodgers with next NFL offseason
Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is the most notable player who is currently scheduled to be a free agent in 2025. Now yes, there is a lot of time between now and the 2025 offseason, so the Dallas Cowboys could just lock Prescott up for the long-term, but why haven't they done that yet? With the Cowboys quiet an pathetic offseason, they may just be giving Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy one last chance together.

McCarthy's deal expires after the 2024 NFL Season, so maybe this is the last run with this duo. If so, Prescott will indeed hit the free agency market, and if GM Joe Douglas still has a job with the Jets, this would be a logical landing spot.