5 NFL head coaching candidates connected to the vacant jobs

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Atlanta Falcons: Bill Belichick

The writing was on the wall in the post-Brady era when it came to the future of the Greatest Coach of All Time. Now that Bill Belichick is available, whoever takes him on as a head coach is essentially giving him the keys to the franchise. Arthur Blank has a powerful aura around him in terms of understanding how to take a step back and allow his coaches to do their jobs.

Belichick is coming in for a second interview, and there's a chance he won't leave. It makes a lot of sense for Belichick to sign with the Falcons given their baseline. They have a good offensive line and young weapons all over the offense. The backfield alone is one that will help Belichick usher in his new quarterback. Players like Drake London, and Kyle Pitts would benefit from one of Bill Belichick's offensive coaches, maybe Josh McDaniels.

Belichick is the type of coach Blank needs to hire if he wants to win a Super Bowl anytime soon. Terry Fontenot is a young GM who could learn a lot from Belichick but also serves as someone who could help him shop for the groceries. The Falcons are linked to Belichick; they need to tighten the chain.