5 NFL teams that don't deserve to make the playoffs this year

Which NFL teams don't deserve the playoffs in 2024?
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2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin always inevitably has teams that finish at or above .500, and that has happened yet again in 2023.

Despite the Steelers having one of the worst offenses in the league all year, they have found a way to win nine games with one to play, and a playoff spot on the line in Week 18. Still, it's hard to look at this Steelers team and see anything but a team that will be immediately kicked out of the playoffs during the Wild Card round.

They just don't have the offense to keep up with some of the better teams in the league. If the Steelers could draw a Wild Card matchup against Jacksonville, that might be a different story.

3. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are simply a team that I -- and many others -- can't figure out this season. When you look at the way the Saints have played, is there a more "Jekyll and Hyde" team in the league?

Winning three of their last four, perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on New Orleans. This just doesn't feel like the most cohesive team in the NFL right now. It feels like they are going to need absolutely everything to go right to be truly competitive.

Even with the 6th-ranked scoring defense in the league, I think New Orleans is more pretender than contender for this year's playoffs.