Agree or Disagree: ESPN makes their predictions on head coach openings

The World Wide Leader has some takes.
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Carolina Panthers -- Bengals OC Brian Callahan

What they said: "Industry insiders are finding this a tough one to call, since there's skepticism about the willingness of candidates to work for impatient team owner David Tepper. I expect this hire to be an offensive-minded coach whose task will be getting the most out of 2023 top pick Bryce Young, who struggled in Year 1 with a 33.4 QBR (29th in the NFL) ... "

What we think: We don't love it. It's an interesting suggestion, especially if Graziano's reporting is true, which it probably is. And while going the "young OC with QB success and a modern offense" route isn't necessairly surprising, it seems like Callahan is the third- or fourth- best candidate who checks all those boxes. And even though Young had an abysmal season, he's still one year removed from being the first overall pick in the draft. It seems like the Panthers could do better, but then again, I wouldn't want to work for David Tepper either.