Chicago Bears 2024 NFL mock draft after Justin Fields trade

After the Chicago Bears made their first moves in free agency and traded Justin Fields, their plan for the draft is clearer. Here is our latest mock.

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Round 5, #154 Overall: Zak Zinter, Offensive Guard, Michigan

Here Poles makes another trade. He sends pick number 123 to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for picks 154, 155, and 217. Poles has a history of liking mid-to-late-round picks so he picks a couple more here. With the 154th pick he picks up offensive line help with Zak Zinter.

Zinter may be an average athlete, but he uses excellent technique to make plays. He uses proper angles and his toughness is evident. When blocking, he gets in position and his feet are set so he has great balance when blocking. Additionally, he has strong hands and keeps his feet driving at all times. He holds his ground when dealing with bull rushes.

Zinter adds depth to the offensive line. With him on the unit, there is a better mix of age and youth. Zinter can contribute in a reserve role but has the ability to become a starter.