Chicago Bears 2024 NFL mock draft after Justin Fields trade

After the Chicago Bears made their first moves in free agency and traded Justin Fields, their plan for the draft is clearer. Here is our latest mock.

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Round 5, #155 Overall: Jordan Jefferson, Defensive Tackle, Louisiana State

Many fans wanted to see Poles and the Bears pick up one of the big name defensive tackle. Starter Justin Jones departed for the Arizona Cardinals so fans want to see a star replacement. However, Gervon Dexter showed a lot of progression as the season went on. He is the future and could start this season.

If that is the case, the Bears then need depth help. Jordan Jefferson out of LSU helps with that. He has first-step quickness and the ability to shoot into the backfield as a run-play disruptor. He launches at the snap and is in the backfield before blockers are able to put their heads up.

Run-blocking was one of the biggest improvements in the Chicago Bears' defense last season. They went from near the bottom in 2022 to leading the league against the run in 2023. Jefferson could help maintain the high level of play against the run.

Jefferson also has good lateral movement to mirror blocks. Additionally, he utilizes the push/pull technique to dismiss blockers. He has good short-area pursuit quickness to go after the ball carrier.

While he needs a little more work with his pass rush, Jefferson's quickness off the snap gives him and advantage and will help him improve as a pass rusher. He will definitely help make the defensive line stronger.